An AI Powered geospatial visualization & Analytics platform for spatial data engineering that lets you get InSite from your geospatial data, perform powerful analytics, share and publish maps

Easier to use data visualization

Enable a 3D multivariate visualization platform for customers data to get the business insights

Reports & Automation

Generate reports and display the data in the form of rows and columns with rule criteria.

Route Planner

No matter how many locations you have to visit, with HeliAI you can automate the shortest and time efficient route for your business.

We Convert

Your Data to Intelligence Insights

Using in house 3D Geospatial Big spatial data

Income per household






Data source

Heli Engine

200+ geospatial APIs

Heli Bucket

on premise and on

cloud data management solution

Socio-Demographics data

Centralized platform

Insights for






Data Intelligence

Easier to use Data Visualization

Revolutionize the way you visualize and analyze data with HeliAI. Our intuitive platform makes it easier than ever to create beautiful maps and data visualizations, even if you have little to no experience with data analysis. With our user-friendly interface and powerful analytical tools, you can quickly gain insights and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Join the thousands of businesses already using HeliAI to unlock the full potential of their data.

Route Planner

No matter how many locations you have to visit, with HeliAI you can automate the shortest and time efficient route for your business. You can also add your own routes and optimize as per your need. Based on your data you can also visualize the time animation of the objects following that route to observe patterns and trends.

Advanced Geoprocessing Tools

Our geoprocessing tool helps to manipulate spatial data. You can do all possible operations, whether you want to combine the data of two stores, intersect two different layers having common features, want to filter the data of the banks falling in required area or the nearby colonies to the bank, proximity to point locations or the roads and many more.

One-click ML Driven Models

Unlock the power of location intelligence with HeliAI's one-click machine learning (ML) driven model. With just a few clicks, our ML model allows you to easily create predictive models to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions. No more complex coding or data science expertise required - HeliAI makes it simple for anyone to harness the full potential of location data.

Reports and Automation Tools

HeliAI comes with a suite of advanced reports and automation tools that allow you to seamlessly analyze, visualize, and share your data. With our platform, you can easily create interactive dashboards and maps that communicate complex data in a clear and concise manner. The platform also provides a range of automation tools, such as scheduled data imports, alerts, and data-driven notifications, that help you stay on top of your data in real-time. HeliAI can quickly and efficiently automate your workflows, streamline your analysis, and unlock insights that can drive your business forward.


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Why choose us?

Enterprise IT regulations are met in terms of data privacy and security. complies with all requirements for data security and privacy.

With on-premise implementation, throughput is 30 times higher and latency is 2 times lower.

Extremely redundant, scalable, and resilient system. Provides nearly minimal downtime and 99% uptime.

Keep making simple things simple and complex things possible by using Heliware SDK. Customise it as per your own requirement

Pay-as-you-go, subscription, and bespoke pricing are all flexible alternatives for businesses of all sizes.

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